Bonamici Yamaha R7 Top Triple Clamps are CNC machined for an exact fit over the stock diameter forks. Lightweight and strong at only 9.5oz, they resist flex under load, providing a more direct steering input and race feel. Used by several teams in World Superbike motorcycle racing. The Race version does not have a key hole. Anodized in Black. Includes all necessary mounting hardware and screws.

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Bonamici Racing products are the result of an accurate engineering and design process performed in-house by laser scanning each motorcycle in their factory located in Otricoli, Italy. Bonamici produces racing rearsets, engine case-savers, clip-ons, and folding levers in the highest grades of titanium, aluminum, magnesium, and steel alloys. Bonamici is able to assist customers and provide them with the best solutions to optimize their bike based on rider feedback. Technical support is provided by the Bonamici North American Distributor which can solve any problems with care.


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