Öhlins TTX 25 Cartridge Kit FKR 122


Öhlins TTX 25 Cartridge Kit (FKR 122), BMW S 1000 RR 2019- (K67) and M 1000 RR 2021- (K66)

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The FKR Cartridge Kit is a spring-pressurized, closed system that is simpler and easier to maintain than the previous gas pressure system. It is also very compact in design and allows for easier setting changes. With the FKR, there is no risk of pressure loss due to leaks, and it delivers more consistent performance as a result. Öhlins engineers have transformed the FKR back into its predecessor. Using TTX technology, a newly developed piston and an 8 mm piston rod, we have reduced the internal pressure, resulting in a faster response. This results in a “linear” damping characteristic that offers more tuning options and increases traction and ride stability. On top of that, the FKR Cartridge Kit is less sensitive to changes in shims, making it easier to tune for individual preferences or race tracks.

For race track use only! No expert opinion, therefore no approval for public road traffic in Germany according to StVZO.

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