Öhlins FGR 400 Racing Gabel


Öhlins FGR 400 Racing fork, with TTX and FKR technology, 54.5/58 mm clamping diameter, length 770 mm

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Experience the next generation of Öhlins racing performance with the FGR 400 front fork. Developed using the latest World Superbike technology, the FGR 400 offers an updated, lightweight design and superior damping performance for racing at the highest level.

The FGR 400 features an ultra-low friction and spring pressure damping system that provides more consistent and controlled damping performance on the race track than its predecessors. Its streamlined, weight-optimized design with superbike-inspired fork legs and 46mm inner tubes increases stiffness for improved handling characteristics.

In addition to TTX twin-tube technology, the FGR 400 features FKR technology, which distributes compression and rebound damping to separate fork legs. The compression, rebound and spring preload adjusters are integrated into the upper caps. With a simple twist, you can tune your setup to track conditions and experience World Superbike-level damping performance lap after lap.

Improve your race performance and conquer the track like a true superbike rider with the new FGR 400 front fork.

– TTX and FKR technology
– Spring-assisted damping system
– Weight optimized design
– Ultra-low friction
– 46 mm inner tube diameter
– Superbike-inspired fork bottoms

Technical data:
Length: 770 mm
Stroke: 130 mm
Clamp diameter: 54.5/58 mm
Hole spacing: 108 mm
Spring rate N/mm: 10,0 N/mm
Spring: 04744-05
Spring Series: Series 04744
Packing unit: Pair

Please note:
This front fork was specially developed for racing use and should only be used on the race track.
It is delivered without triple clamp and thru axle.

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