Service and Repair

General motorcycle service such as oil changes, brake system flush, cooling system flush, spark plug replacement, and air filters. We are well versed in all motorcycle and Can-am repairs including motor rebuilds, electrical system diagnosis and repair and anything else that your motorcycle, Can-am, or scooter needs to keep it operating in optimal safe condition.

Performance Upgrades

Cam installation, quick shifters, velocity stacks, ECU Flashing, and complete race motor builds and rebuilds. We are also trained in suspension and brake upgrades, and much more. Call us to discuss your race and performance needs. 


We can handle all of your motorcycle, Can-am modification and customization. From bolt on visual upgrades to LED lights, accent lighting with multiple colors and remote, GPS, handlebar upgrades, custom wheels, brake upgrades, suspension work, sticker kits, custom seats and riding accessories.

Tire Installation

Have your new tires mounted and balanced right here at our Coral Springs store. We also offer tire change services as well.

Motorcycle Detailing

Get your bike professionally detailed, TopPro will do a complete job with the optional protection packages!

Call for Appointment

Pickup and Delivery services available. Call for a quote!

Service Department is open

Tuesday – Friday 10:00am-7:00pm and Saturday 10:00am-6:00pm
*NOTE:Scheduled appointment is the time to bring your bike in, not the time that it will be serviced*

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